I found the coolest tech tool today!

Okay, it is not so much a tool as it is the-coolest-sticker-set-in-the-world. Technically, it is called an “assortment skin” i.e. a truly unique way to liven up the keyboard on your Macbook.

Take a gander:

I know, right?

So clever! Notice the  “Pew Pew Pew” button in the place of the enter key. Nothing short of brilliant, I tell you. If these specific decals aren’t up your alley, you can pick one up with a super hero theme or one made up of little monsters as well.

(Also, this company makes some really clever iPhone, Kindle, Gameboy, etc. skins. Check it out while  you are there.)

Shop: Killer Duck Decals

Price: $12.00

Why in the world wouldn’t you order one?

(Shout out to my pal Kimba who sports this fab skins on her laptop. She is a hoot!)