I am fairly obsessed with Instagram these days.

More so than any other social media tool/space, Instagram has my attention. And I’m not alone… although not yet two years old, Instagram has over 80 million users. I know that I personally could browse the app for hours searching for people with common interests and just plain enjoying how my friends document their life story. (Yes, really. For hours.) 

I’m not just a stalker, of course, I share my own experiences, too. If you follow me (username: jennifergerlock) you’ll find….

Friends rock portraiture. 🙂

Business and workish type of photos. 

OMG this is so cool captures.

Travel, cool events and fantastic opportunity types.

Look what I just found images.

To make it a little easier, take a gander at my Followgram profile: http://followgram.me/jennifergerlock/  If you are on Instagram and I’m not following you, leave your username in the comments below and we will connect!