One of my biggest fitness frustrations has always been the elusive protein bar.

I just have never been able to find one that fit all of my criteria.

Either they were too high in calories, contained too much sugar or were too low in the good stuff.

Most tasted like cardboard, truth be told. (I assume that one must actually be able to consume a protein bard to reap the benefits. Or so I am told…) 

I always dreaded trying a new brand because it was usually money wasted.

Remarkably, I had given up on protein bars when one spectacular company found me and asked me to give them a try.  Oh happy, happy day folks!

Quest Protein Bars are an answer to a prayer with the combination of amazing flavors and perfect nutrition. For example:

Protein Bar: Chocolate Brownie (YUM!)

High Fiber (19 g)

High Protein (20 g)

Low Fat (6 g)

Low Calorie (170 per bar)

  • Gluten Free
  • No sugar or sugar alcohols used.
  • Low-glycemic,  and low in carbs

The taste of these bars is far superior to other ones I’ve tried. I was truly surprised to find a bar that actually had it all.

As for variety of flavors? Unreal. (Yes, I tried every single flavor thankyouverymuch.) Apple pie, chocolate brownie, peanut butter & jelly, vanilla almond crunch, peanut butter supreme,  mixed berry bliss, cinnamon roll, chocolate peanut butter, coconut cashew, lemon creme pie and strawberry cheesecake. My personal favorites were cinnamon roll and coconut cashew. (I could eat them every day, I tell you.)

If you are looking for the perfect protein bar, you may want to give Quest Protein Bars a try.

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Twitter: @QuestBar

Disclosure: I was given Quest Protein Bars to sample. I was not asked to blog about my experience. All opinions are, of course, my own. Don’t even think about asking for one of my bars to try… go get your own!