For some unknown reason, my 13 year old son prefers discussing intimate matters with me.

Not my husband.


I have no idea why.

And no real idea what to say.

Most of the other parents I devulge this information to tell me how lucky I am that he feels comfortable discussing his private life and pubescent issues with his mother. I’m not so sure about that.

I really kind of wish he didn’t.

There are some things in life I am not super excited about discussing. Of course, I don’t let him know that. Last thing I want the boy to know is that he can’t confide in his parents or that I am uncomfortable talking about sex with him.

Which I am.

Oh, I try to play it cool. I act like it is no big deal at all and that it is the most normal conversation in the world. Inside I vacillate between wanting to giggle uncontrollably and run away.

I’m kind of parental failure like that.