I’ve said yes too often.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve been lectured about this issue of mine. (My mom, my husband, my friends…) Make no mistake, it has been an issue. Because at heart, I am, and always have been, a people pleaser. I want to help. I want to make others happy. I want to volunteer my time. I want to help with challenges. I want to save the freakin’ world.

When I had children, I quickly learned that I couldn’t do it all so I tried to stop saying yes so often. And I died a little inside every time I didn’t step up to the plate or take on a challenge that was requested of me. (I’m still a work in progress.)

All that being said, I have recently come to realize recently that perhaps I’ve never said yes ENOUGH.


Ever turned down opportunity because it took you out of your comfort zone? Ever passed on a trip or a meeting or an event because you didn’t know what to expect or where it would lead? Ever walked away from something that you thought might be interesting because it was inconvenient or made you nervous?

Me too.

And I never thought much of it until I read this piece by Peter Shankman on “Saying Yes Vs Saying No.”

“No” is easy. No allows us to get on with our day, secure in the knowledge that something, once presented to us, was analyzed and turned away…Saying yes opens a world of doors and potential that saying no shuts down. Saying yes – opens up connections (and experiences) for you that would otherwise remain closed.

I know, right? 

In the piece he challenges readers to say yes to three things where their first instinct was to say no and see what happens. (Note – “They don’t have to be brain-busters or time-killers, just three things to which you’d otherwise say no.”)

Jumping fully clothed into a waterfall? Why, YES.

I love this concept. It is simple, fun and easily accomplished.

I’ve been applying it to my life and it has been incredibly surprising and… rewarding. 

Which is why I had to share it with others. Because if it is of benefit to me, it might also be of benefit to you too. I’m not talking about taking on a trillion projects or getting yourself overwhelmed, just opening yourself up to simple opportunities. For me that means doing something daring where I might have before played it safe. Putting myself out there where I might have previously been silent. Enjoying a new experience. Digging deep inside and finding inner strength to face opportunities that might have before deterred me.

I’m saying yes to all of that. It is my new project.

Is there anything that you could be saying yes to?

Hashtag it! #sayingyes