35 days until the New York Marathon. People, I can hardly believe it!

A little update on the training so far…

I think I have mentioned before that my training schedule would be a little funky this marathon due to the fact that my running partners are training for another marathon. They run the Steamtown Marathon in Pennsylvania next weekend. (Go girls!) And since my marathon is a month later than theirs, I had to peak a tad early. (I will be making up for that in the upcoming weeks with a second peak.) 

See the smiling face above? That is yours truly after 20 miles. STILL smiling. I felt strong throughout the run, in fact. Turns out we ran the 20 with negative splits. (In case your aren’t familiar, the term “negative splitting” refers to running the second half of a race faster than the first.) We began the run averaging 10 minute miles and clocked mile 19-20 at a nine minute mile. So encouraging!

That was two weeks ago. I’ve not run anywhere near that type of mileage since due to the fact that I wanted to go easy on the IT band. I’ve logged a couple of runs around seven miles but won’t venture into the double digits until next weekend.

I’m thinking next week should be around 13 miles and the following week somewhere in the neighborhood of 18. Again, babying the IT band. Having done four marathons before this one, I know I can physically accomplish it, I just need to get my brain and nutrition up to speed.

Oh and maybe I should sleep at some point.


I have a feeling that might be important somehow.