Let me just put this out there – I am a girly, girl. Even though I am a mom of two boys living in a world of mud, sports, video games and testosterone, I am passionate about pink.

And princesses.

Disney recently released a video interpreting what it truly means to be a princess in today’s world. In it they celebrate the princess inside every young girl (and woman).

It is wonderful.

I am a Princess.

I am brave sometimes. I am scared sometimes. Sometimes, I am brave even when I am scared.

I believe in loyalty and trust. I believe loyalty is built on trust.

I try to be kind. I try to be generous. I am kind even when others are not so generous.

I am a Princess.

I think standing up for myself is important. I think standing up for others is more important. But standing with others is most important.

I am a Princess.

I believe compassion makes me strong. Kindness is power. And family is the tightest bond of all.

I have heard I am beautiful. I know I am strong.

I am a Princess. Long may I reign.

Not a bad set of ideals to live by, is it?  BTW – My favorite princess is still Mulan. 🙂