Middle school these days is just kicking my butt.

I feel like I am attending it myself.

Between the science tests, fraction work and language arts essays, I’m fairly overwhelmed. (My social life is completely gone.)

Scoff if you want, but I can’t tell you the last time I attempted to combine fractions or determine the number of neutrons in an atom. Or written an essay interpreting a photo of a woman in a wheelchair surrounded by garbage watching a young ballerina dance in a garage using the following vocabulary words-  profound, manifest, languor, prodigious and countenance. <— What the what???

I’m a 40 year old woman relearning things she never remembers learning in the first place.

Truth be told, I feel quite stupid.

Shouldn’t I KNOW THESE THINGS already? Shouldn’t I have retained something. (ANYTHING?) How can I help my own kids with their school work if I am drawing a complete blank?

You know what I remember from middle school? Michael Jackson’s video “Thriller” being debuted in music class. I remember learning how to sew a pillow and make a wooden shelf in wood shop. I remember my first kiss.

Not one darn thing do I remember about fractions or the periodic table or Latin stems.

As exhausted as it is re-learning the work being assigned to my kiddos, I’m actually finding it quite interesting.

Ironic, no?

I haven’t used the word prodigious in forever. And as for the neutron thing – you need to divide the atomic mass by the atomic weight of the element to get the number of neutrons in the atom of an element. (I thought you might like to know, in case you are ever in a Starbucks somewhere and need it. You’re welcome.)
As for fraction work? Yeah. I still hate that. 
Have you ever relearned anything from your child’s schoolwork? Dish!
BTW – If you are looking for this geeky awesome periodic table pillow, you can find it here.