So happy to have today’s guest blogger, who is also… MY SISTER.   Belinda is a targeted interventionist and mother to two adorable little girls. (I realize I am a bit biased.) Belin is a very strict when it comes to her kids and their media time and while I’ve always striven to be as disciplined as her in that department, I’m sad to say I have fallen woefully short of that goal. Today, she tackles the issue of technology…


I am a helicopter mom… a single mom of two lovely little girls that are growing up way too fast.

But they are cursed. They are cursed with a mom who not only is an elementary school teacher, but also one that has her reading degree. So, they get silly research facts thrown at them all the time, like…  “Well, research says to limit children’s television time…” and “Computer, video games, and television all count for hours of technology!”

It is not uncommon for them to plead, “Mom, can we please have a technology day?”

You’d think it was Christmas morning with their whoops and hollers if I let them watch TV, play on the computer and their DSI in one day! (This mom would much rather take them hiking on the Appalachian Trail, biking on the C&O Tow Path or watch them play outside in the country.  And… READ. Reading is a must!)

All that being said, lately I have found myself struggling with my own rules.

Sometimes, I just need a break. (Know what I mean?) And I’m at the point now where I am ok with letting them watch more than two hours of TV a day. (Only on weekends) Even so, I struggle with worry that I am dumbing them down and not preparing them for their future.  I worry that I should be exposing them more to what technology has to offer. (They so love their Moshi Monsters on my laptop. Should I be getting them an iPad so that they can experience new technology at its best?)

This is my dilemma.

Knowing the current push in education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), I worry that I may not be preparing my girls for the future. I realize they need to be exposed to the most technological advanced products available so that they/our country can not only keep up, but become the leaders of an ever changing global economy.

I am concerned that my old school philosophy of outdoor play and limiting tech time might actually be hurting their chances of success in the future.

A few weeks ago, our school STEM Leader presented information on how our country ranks in regards to the rest of the world in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. I was shocked at how much ground the United States has lost in that area.

Which begs the question – Am I contributing to the success or demise of my girl’s future??  

(Featured image courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt)