Ever find yourself wandering aimlessly around your house looking for something you can’t remember that you need?

Ever walk into your co-worker’s office intent on getting an answer only to find that you suddenly can’t remember the damn question?

Not that I have experience with this, of course. I’m always on top of my game. My mind is a steel trap.


I’m sorry. What was I saying, again?

Oh yeah. So, if you’ve been there done that …. I am here to make your day.

Turns out – you are not crazy. Or losing it. (Well, maybe you are but who am I to judge?)You don’t need to purchase massive amounts of ginseng.

It is all your door’s fault.

It seems that researchers at the University of Notre Dame have found that doorways are, in essence, “event boundaries.” Apparently the brain associates specific memories of events with locations so the simple act of entering a new room can make it difficult to recall a decision you came to in the one you just left.

Who knew?

Blasted doorways. (So benign and yet so sneaky at the same time.) Memory stealers.

I pretty much think this is ridiculous too but it totally won’t stop me from usingthis factiod on my family. #winning

Image credit:Julia Freeman-Woolpert