During my professional travels I have been lucky enough to meet some of the most incredible creative talents. Some work in graphic design, some in the written word and others behind the lens. These folks continuously take my breath away and inspire me. (Truth be told, I am quite jealous. There, I said it.)

I met Andrew Murdock of Natural Artistry at Alive @5 in Frederick, Maryland.  I was working that evening and he was photographing the event as a volunteer. He made a great first impression due to the fact that he had a wicked sense of humor (I love me some sarcasm) and a British accent.

I mean really, who doesn’t love a sarcastic Brit?

When I saw the results of his work, however, I was blown away.

And happily, I somehow convinced him to take some photos of me. (How lucky am I?)

He and I share a common affinity for nature. I believe I have mentioned before how I draw much of my own inspiration and creative juices from the outdoors. When he mentioned he would be shooting the photos in the woods, I was all in.

But I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful the location would be.

It was a breathtaking private waterfall nestled in the woods without a sign or landmark to hint of its existence. Unbelievable. (Don’t ask me about the location. I’m sworn to secrecy!)

The resulting photographs are, well, you be the judge….

{I believe I was smiling at my youngest son climbing the falls in this picture.}

{My son in all of his adventure loving glory, folks. THAT is the face of a truly happy little boy.}

{You didn’t think I was going to just stare at the pretty scenery did you? No way! One can not pass up an opportunity like that! And yeah, I left the phone behind.}

Andrew’s company represents the combination of his two biggest passions – his love of portrait photography and of capturing the true personality of his subjects. Watching him work, you can see he he is truly in his element. (This crazy guy climbed to the very top of the falls -equipment in hand – just to get a unique shot.)

Have I gushed on enough about his talent yet? If you live in the DC Metro Region (or beyond) you should really take a look at his portfolio or check out his Facebook page.

He can even make zombies look good. And that is saying something…