This is a sakiz dondurmasi ice cream:


I have no idea what the name means so please, don’t ask.The description on the menu at Ayse Meze read “spiced orchid root-mastic ice cream.”

Orchid root ice cream?

Quite frankly, it was the last thing on the menu that I wanted to sample for dessert. Which is EXACTLY why I ordered it.

It’s time to shake things up a little in my life. Time to try things I’ve never tried before.* Time to go and DO.

That little bowl ofsakiz dondurmasi ice cream represented more to me than the waiter or my dining companions were aware.

It was a little oh-what-the-hell moment.

And it was FABULOUS.

I would have missed it if I had played it safe. I’m glad I didn’t.

*If this post sounds a little off the wall to you, it is because it is part of a bigger life initiative, one that was brought on by a conversation with a friend about taking chances and opening up our minds to experiences and events we wouldn’t normally be a part of. (Some big and some small like this ice cream.) It is all about#sayingyesto life.*