As I write this blog the great state of Maryland is experiencing the beginning onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, the “superstorm of the century.”

Stores have run out of supplies. Children have been called out of school. The government has been shut down. Power outages are expected. Tubs have been filled with water.

People are hunkered down waiting for her to hit.

In my own city, we are under a flood and severe wind warning. It’s been raining ceaselessly for hours.

Oddly enough, none of that worries me. All I can think about is how this storm is going to affect my marathon. (If there is even going to be a marathon.)

I know, I know…. most ridiculous concern ever.

I just can’t help it. I’m supposed to travel to New York on Saturday morning. I’m worried about the train station being shut down and power outages.

What if our hotel is without power?

What if the whole city is a disaster?

Have they ever cancelled the New York Marathon before? 

Again, I know. Most ridiculous concern ever. But I’ve trained for this since May and it is the highlight of what has been a “challenging” season for me.

And, I haven’t gone a year without a marathon since 2008.

So I am watching this Sandy chick like a hawk hoping she lightens up and goes away quickly. I’ll keep you posted…