As I sit down to write this piece, I notice that the time is 10:55am. The EXACT TIME my wave would be taking off to begin running the New York Marathon.

How weird is THAT?

Instead I sit at my computer in the state  of Maryland sporting pajama bottoms and fleece socks listening to the sound of my son play in the next room.

Not an altogether bad experience, just vastly different then how I envisioned this day back in May when I began my training.

C’est la vie, I suppose.

Truth be told, I’m feeling a little lost right now and am still in a bit of shock over what transpired. I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one.

The sheer DEVASTATION of it all is just mind boggling.

Especially in Staten Island. Did you know that I used to live there as a child? Yep, right in Fort Wadsworth where the marathon was to begin.

My years in Staten Island were some of the most magical ones of my life. I grieve for their loss.

One thing that gives me hope on this day is the legions of runners who are giving back to the people of Staten Island. I pulled this image off of Twitter a couple of moments ago. It was taken by Runner’s World Magazine and it shows hundreds of marathon participants volunteering their time for clean up efforts.


Makes me wish I were there for an entirely different reason.

If you would like to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in that region, please do so at the following locations:

  • To donate through the Mayor’s Fund, please click here.
  • Visit NYRR’s fundraising platform CrowdRise, to donate to a variety of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.