I truly had a wonderful day this Thanksgiving. It was so rich and fun and filled with laughter that I just had to photoblog…

6:30am – A little early morning run with Katie, Sean and Rob. Five miles before the day began was the perfect start to the holiday. (The best part may or may not have been the cup of coffee after. I shall neither confirm nor deny it.)

9:00am – A little competitive kickball/flag football. What? Like YOUR family doesn’t throw gang symbols during a kickball game? Gangsta parents FTW! (Yes, my children were mortified when they saw this picture. Whatev.)

The crew immediately following said kickball/football game.For the record – children cheat.The adults were robbed, I’m telling you. ROBBED.

2:30pm – We feasted this year at my mother’s house. (Woo hoo! Stuffing!) My mom usually goes all out for the holidays and this one was no different. All of the siblings brought a dish or two with them and we ate and drank ourselves silly.

8:00pm – My baby brother Eddie was the only one missing from the table this year. But he kinda has a good excuse… he is in Costa Rica being all fabulous and vacation-like. I did get a chance to video chat with him though. Here’s hoping my mom doesn’t find out how many near death experiences he’s had while on sabbatical. Oops! Did I just let the cat out of the bag? Err…. sorry Eddie!

Things I’m thankful for this year:

  • Clarity of priorities
  • A newly found inner peace
  • Friends and family who love and accept me
  • My beautiful children
  • My adorable husband
  • This blog, a place whereI can both ponder and pontificate

And, of course, YOU. Thank you for coming back and visiting. I truly appreciate each and every visitor, commentor and social media connection.