Allow me to gush?

As I have mentioned previously, I am an Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board Member and I truly believe in the treatment. Speaking strictly as the mother of a child who has very specific sensitivities, my son’s treatment has been nothing but incredibly pleasant.

How many people can say that about their orthodontia experience? No issues whatsoever. No pain. No complications. Very easy.

It has been such a great experience that I’m hoping to one day get treatment myself. My teeth have been an issue for me almost my entire life. Of course, kid number two will take precedent in the invisible braces department but I hold out hope that someday I’ll give myself a present and get Invisalign.

I recently learned that Invisalign treated their two millionth patient.


The significance of that number aside, what was more impressive was the fact that to celebrate the accomplishment, they gifted that patient, an 18-year-old named Tessa Dyer from New Hampshire, with an entirely free treatment. (Okay, I’m more than a little jealous. But excited for her, of course. Ahem.)

I really love surprises like that. Companies that do good for others always impress me. Way to go Align Technology!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My son is receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own.