There’s an elephant in the room that I’m thinking I need to address.

It’s a social media elephant, to be precise.

A colleague of mine recently asked me about my new found “radio silence” online.

That made me chuckle a bit.

I was actually wondering if anyone had noticed.

During the past couple of months, I’ve altered the way I used social media. Truth be told, I’ve altered the way I do everything. Its been an interesting time for me, one filled with introspection, reflection and rebuilding.

Social media just didn’t fit well into the plan. It was hard to share what I was not willing to share. Hard to post when I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to post.

My colleague’s interpretation of  my “radio silence” is a bit ironic. Honestly, I’m still more active than most, but scaling back has been appropriate to my life circumstances.

I’ve become way more intentional with each medium, even if it is just enjoying the hell out of what others are sharing of their lives.

Radio silence isn’t necessarily a bad thing.