I’m not flush with cash at this particular moment in my existence. I know, right? Shocking.

It is a rather inconvenient time to be the mother of teen-ish boys.

You know, the whole holidays thing.

If you are unfamiliar, let me clue you in… teen-ish boys are only interested in technology gifts for Christmas. They don’t want anything that remotely resembles a plush toy or one that requires manual assemblage. They are past puzzles and lightsabers. And Legos just don’t hold their interest anymore.

They want iPhones.

And iPads.

And iTouches. (Basically, anything that begins with a lowercase i.)

They want gaming systems and headsets and oh yeah, they wouldn’t turn away a new MacBook Pro either. (Neither would  their mother, truth be told.)

So this situation has left me a bit stymied. Last year they at least listed a couple of toys. This year it is all about the iGift.

I have half a mind to go all old school on them and gift them with boxes and boxes of underwear and socks. (Totally WITHIN my budget and so reminiscent of my own adolescence.) Or I could take out a second mortgage and fulfill their every wish and desire. (NOT.SO.MUCH.IN.MY.BUDGET.)


Somebody make me feel better and tell me I am not alone in my conundrum. Anyone else’s kids have a technology filled list?