I run across the same problem every year with regards to my female friends and gift giving. I want to gift them something nice, practical and stylish.

My go-to has always been winter wear. I figure you can’t really go wrong.

This year I found two gifts that have a technology twist well worth sharing!


Gloves are always a great gift idea, right? But for me, they post a problem because you always have to take them off to use your smartphone. Now, I’ve always wanted a pair of touch screen compatible gloves but have never been happy with the choices. Most are unattractive and bulky, to say the least.

Not these! FRAAS has introduced more than 100 new styles this season and among them I found these lovelies:

The style is feminine (love the ruffled hem) and the tech finger tips are so well matched to the glove, they are almost invisible.  They are stylish and functional! The style is available in grey, blue-grape, black, rose, chartreuse, camel, teal and dark red.


Although I like to give and receive slippers, I confess that I hardly wear them. The reason I can never keep them on long is because they inevitably do their job too well and cause me to overheat.

Then I take them off never to bother with them again.

No longer. Since being sent a SmartDogs slipper, I’ve become a convert. These slippers feature “Comfort IQ” an exclusive temperature regulating technology. This technology actually stores body heat until it senses your feet need it and then it gradually releases warmth.

Totally blew my mind.

I have what is called the Posy Hoodback Women’s Slipper. It is an indoor/outdoor slipper that retails for about $55. Not only is it an adorable style, but it does transition well to outdoor excursions. (I even wore mine to a holiday party.) 

Disclosure: I received both items to review. All opinions, as usual, are my own. I did not charge for my foot or hand modeling services. LOL.