I love everything about the holidays. Love. Love. Love.


I love everything, that is, except for the whole Christmas card thing.

I can never, ever, ever, ever, EVER get it together in time to send out Christmas cards.


It’s been, like, three years since our family has sent them out and even then it was on a small scale. (And now that I think of it… it might have been a New Year’s card. Gah!) Prior to that I believe we had an additional three or four year dry spell.


There are a lot of reasons for our, okay my, inability to send out holiday cheer  – money, time, lack of inspiration and sheer incompetence in regards to gathering the required addresses together to form a comprehensive list.

Honestly, I think it is last item that vexes me the most.

That damn list. I’m THE WORST when it comes to the list.

Probably because I am the world’s worst record keeper.

Ask anyone.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a dedicated administrative assistant just to get the annual Christmas card  project off the ground. Every single time I begin working on it, I have a breakdown and pretty much toss the whole project out the window. (And crack open a bottle of wine.) 

I know that I should start small and build on it as each year goes by, but the perfectionist in me demands a full comprehensive project plan prior to creation. I want exhaustive and current contact lists. I want beautiful, unique holiday scenes. I want custom designed clever messages. I want a holiday CARDSTRAVAGANZA!

And that is exactly why failure is pretty much guaranteed each holiday season.

So, to my friends, family members and business associates who conquered the beast and sent holiday cards this year…. I salute you.

Maybe I’ll join you next year.

Or maybe not.