For as long as I can remember, our family has arranged schedules in a way that has allowed us to suck the joy out of every last minute of the holidays.

We save up vacation time and arrange our work and home life so that we can be completely free and family-focused from December 24th until January 2nd.

It is glorious.

We attend parties, travel, visit extended family, catch up with longtime friends and make a hell of a lot of merriment.

It is a tradition that we hold dear.

Honestly, I think we may even be the only family left in existence who mourn the loss of the holiday music come December 26th. And you will never catch us taking down our decorations until after New Year’s. It just won’t happen. (Sparkly, shiny things make us incredibly happy.) 

We are Griswold until the bitter end.

We’ve always been this way.

I think it is because this time of year is truly a magical. There’s no denying it. People are kinder and more selfless. They treat each other fairly and with respect. When else but during the holidays will you find people putting their lives on hold to focus entirely on making someone else’s existence happier, if only for a day?

Magic, I tell you.

Can you blame us for not wanting to rush back to the normalcy of every day life?

Plus, the sparkly lights and snow just plain rock.