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Win Tickets A Family 4-Pack Of Tickets To ICE! At Gaylord National!

When it comes to family holiday traditions, we have a handful that we absolutely, unequivocally MUST MUST MUST (!) do for the holidays to be special.

We must watch It’s a Wonderful Life and ELF.

We must make a gingerbread house.

We must find the perfect Christmas tree and decorate it together.

And… We must attend a holiday event together as a family.

For the past three years, our annual holiday event has been ICE! at the Gaylord National Hotel. ICE! is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular holiday family events in the DC Metro area. Nothing gets us in the mood for Christmas like a trek to the National Harbor.

Each year the theme changes and this year ICE! features DreamWorks’ Shrek the Halls:

Forty international artisans from Harbin, China once again collaborated to bring the 15,000 square foot attraction to life from TWO-MILLION pounds of carved, colored ice. I tell ya, it never ceases to amaze me. Each year seems to get more impressive than the last.

Ever seen this masterpiece for yourself?

Well, it just so happens that I’m GIVING AWAY a family 4-pack of tickets to ICE! on Hip As I Wanna Be!


The contest runs from Sunday, November 18, 2012 until Sunday, November 25, 2012. I’m using Rafflecopter for the giveaway. (Please bear with me, it is my first time using it!)

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ICE! is part of Gaylord National’s Christmas on the Potomac celebration which also includes spectacular holiday decorations, a 60 foot tall stained glass Tree of Light, nightly live musical entertainment, a fountain show, train rides, indoor snowfalls, DreamWorks Experience packages (ShrekFeast, character meetings, scavenger hunts, gingerbread house making, etc.) and a ton more.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post or giveaway. My family and I were, however, invited as guests of Gaylord National to experience Shrek the Halls.


30 Responses to "Win Tickets A Family 4-Pack Of Tickets To ICE! At Gaylord National!"

  1. Jenni Gilroy
    Jenni Gilroy 3 years ago .

    Love ICE! Last year was our first trip. Definitely want to go back :)

  2. Jenn Alcorn
    Jenn Alcorn 3 years ago .

    Favorite holiday tradition is singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve with my husbands family and having each child perform a “talent” before receiveing their gifts.

  3. Suzanne
    Suzanne 3 years ago .

    Our holiday traditions include attending a family cookie bake, opening English “crackers” on Xmas eve, going to Mayne’s for our tree and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “White Christmas” and “The Little Drummer Boy”. We would love to add the ICE show as a new tradition this year! :)

  4. Dawn
    Dawn 3 years ago .

    Oh, my favorite traditions revolve around food– a yummy side of Thanksgiving stuffing with apples, a juicy and sweet Christmas ham, and an anytime-during-fall pumpkin pie. :)

  5. Deena
    Deena 3 years ago .

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree and my home with my family!!

  6. Crystal
    Crystal 3 years ago .

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with the kids with christmas music playing.

  7. Kirsten Tydings
    Kirsten Tydings 3 years ago .

    We’ve heard it is fabulous and that thankfully they provide you with an outer layer of clothing…. Still might wear thermal gear by the look of the photos though….

  8. Kelly @ Way Past Fabulous

    We have never been to ICE! it would be great to give it a try this year!

  9. Kelly @ Way Past Fabulous

    Our favorite family tradition is decorating gingerbread houses while drinking eggnog!

  10. Tonya Hatosy-Stier
    Tonya Hatosy-Stier 3 years ago .

    We LOVE ELF on the Shelf. Our Elf’s name is Ziggy and the kids look forward to his appearance the day after Thanksgiving.

  11. nicole
    nicole 3 years ago .

    we’re too lazy to scrapbook, so, instead, my husband and i (and now the kids) write up our annual family highlights in our “Christmas Book.” We write a few paragraphs about the year, add some sketches & stickers. whatever we feel like including, usually our New Years resolutions go in there, too. last year the resolutions repeated. hey, we keep it loose =)

  12. Katie Diop
    Katie Diop 3 years ago .

    How fun!

  13. Elaine
    Elaine 3 years ago .

    Trimming the tree!

  14. Jacki
    Jacki 3 years ago .

    Our favorite traditions include always seeing Santa in Brunswick, watching him ride around town on the firetruck and making cookies! I would LOVE to make ICE a tradition as well!

  15. Jen
    Jen 3 years ago .

    Cant wait to take the kids to ICE!
    Our favorite family tradition is every Thanksgiving Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf comes to visit and stay with us until Christmas! Whats your tradition?

  16. Sue
    Sue 3 years ago .

    Miami Beach!

  17. musingsfromme/jill
    musingsfromme/jill 3 years ago .

    Inflating the Christmas inflatables.

  18. Francine S
    Francine S 3 years ago .

    Making cookies with my nieces and nephew

  19. Caitlin MidAtlantic
    Caitlin MidAtlantic 3 years ago .

    My family loves to decorate for the holidays! Growing up, my mom had a different, themed tree in every single room. My house is too small for that, but I do love putting up our tree, adding garlands to the (red and green) dining room, adding lights to our porch… it’s the prettiest time of year!

  20. Gloria F
    Gloria F 3 years ago .

    Going to ICE has become our newest tradition. Love it each year!

  21. Lindsay N.
    Lindsay N. 3 years ago .

    Favorite Family Holiday Tradition: Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house. There’s just something about the immediate family gathering at my parents house on Christmas Eve that’s so very, very special to me. I look forward to that dinner year-round!

  22. Beth Schillaci
    Beth Schillaci 3 years ago .

    ICE became a new favorite tradition after we went last year. So much fun.

  23. sara
    sara 3 years ago .

    Visiting friends and having a cookie decorating party!

  24. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    How much fun, not entering because I don’t have children though! :)

  25. Violet M
    Violet M 3 years ago .

    Christmas Brunch is our tradition.

  26. Shannon H.
    Shannon H. 3 years ago .

    We have tons of Holiday traditions but my favorite one would have to be our 25 days of Christmas countdown. I plan ahead around 15 activities for my boys to do each day. Crafts, events, stories, movies etc. I leave a couple free days to fill in if we find an activity last minute! My boys almost love it more than Christmas morning. :)

  27. Debbie B
    Debbie B 3 years ago .

    Decorating the tree, christmas music& breakfast with Santa are a few of our family favorit traditions. We’d love to add Ice! – it looks amazing!

  28. Debbie Begosh
    Debbie Begosh 3 years ago .

    Our family favorite traditions are: Decorating the tree and breakfast with Santa. We would love to add Ice! It looks amazing!

  29. Heather
    Heather 3 years ago .

    We LOVE our family cookie exchange. Huge frosting mess. Perfection {confection?}. :)

  30. Safire
    Safire 3 years ago .

    We LOVED ICE last year. So cool! And our favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve going in the car and seeing all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.