Unreal! Helicopter Parents Force Easter Egg Hunt Cancellation

Have you heard about this? An annual Easter egg hunt in Colorado Springs normally attended by hundreds of area children, has been canceled due to the behavior of parents last year.

According to news reports, tons of parents jumped over ropes into the kids-only section in an effort to ensure their children got as many eggs as possible causing the hunt to literally end in seconds and leaving tons of tots egg-less.

Can you even imagine that scene?

I shudder at the thought.

Some news reports who picked up the story are blaming “helicopter parents” as a prime culprit.  (Helicopter parents, for those who are unfamiliar, are parents who constantly hover over their children and are heavily involved in every aspect of their lives to ensure that they don’t fail.)

Helicopter parents baffle me.

I am a middle-of-the-road kind of mom. I am involved, but not overly so. I check on grades, make friends with teachers and keep a watchful eye on the soccer field. That being said, you had better believe me when I tell you that you would never, EVER catch me involved in hi-jinx such as  this.

I believe that parents who do it all “pave the way” for their children do them an incredible disservice.

What happens when that same child is expected to cope on their own and doesn’t possess the skills? What happens when the parent is not around to fix the problem? How do you expect your children to function on their own if you’ve never taught them?

It just seems so unfortunate that an innocent Easter egg hunt could be transformed into something competitive and ugly.

What do you think about the Easter egg hunt being cancelled? Is it a case of helicopter parents gone wild or just a few exuberant families ruining it for the masses?