Holiday Light Delights From All Over The Country

When it comes to Christmas lights and holiday decorations, my family does not believe in the word “subtle.”

We go big. We go extravagant. We’re a bit over the top.

The name GRISWOLD ring a bell?

Okay, maybe we are not that bad.  … but our display is one that people make a point to stop by in our neighborhood. We even have our own radio frequency for music. (Blame my husband.) 

Yep. That is our house.

The above would be just one of the 15 light sequences that my husband has running on our “show.” The man has no shortage of the Christmas spirit, that is for sure!

You won’t hear me complain. Kids and parents love our house around the holidays and that is all that matters.

Long before I met my electronically-gifted mate, my parents would bundle us up and drive around the county to view the holiday lights. We’d vote on who’s house was our favorite and ohh and ahh over the various displays. It is one of my fondest childhood memories.

To this day I am a huge fan of that tradition and take my own kids on the annual trek.

If you are even remotely into holiday light displays, you’ll appreciate my sharing this publication with you. It was created by Traveling Mom and it is called 52 Holiday Light Delights. It features displays from all over the country.

Just looking through it makes me want to hop in the car for an adventure!

Disclosure: I was not required to write about this guide, however TravelingMom is an advertiser on my site.  

2 Responses to "Holiday Light Delights From All Over The Country"

  1. FrancineS
    FrancineS 3 years ago .

    Wish we had a family like yours in are neighborhood. Last year many house got decorated just a few days before Christmas. For awhile I felt like the only beacon of light.

  2. JennieG
    JennieG 3 years ago .

    Hahah! My husband is a little insane. He really enjoys the compliments he gets so that is his motivation. Wish he felt that way about some of the projects around the house…