I’ll be honest with you, if my oldest was offered the opportunity to swim in a pool filled with soda… he would. The boy is a huge fan of soft drinks. No question. He’d rather drink a soda than eat a steak.

Last August, when I was invited to spend a few days in Atlanta with none other than Coca-Cola, the boy practically begged me to go. (I think he secretly thought I would return with a lifetime supply for the family.)

I learned a lot about the beverage company while I was there including information on their 800 lower calorie and/or healthier options. Yes, I said 800. Who knew? 

So it is not surprising  for me to hear that the company has turned its attention to addressing the touchy subject of obesity. In fact, this week Coca-Cola launched an unprecedented campaign to help beat one of the most serious, complex issues of this generation.


A companion spot, called “Be Ok,” also debuted on the premiere of “American Idol” tonight.

This campaign is meant to reinforce their commitment to educate, innovate and bring people together to help fight obesity. Coke plans to implement a Calories Count™ Vending Program nationally to feature calorie information for each beverage selection on vending fronts.  Their foundation also plans to radically expand the Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness program that supports the hiring of U.S. veterans to teach military style fitness classes.

You know what? I’m totally behind them on this new focus.

Not to get into a heated debate, but I don’t buy into blaming big, bad companies for our nation’s weight problems. If you consume it… you have to burn it. If you overindulge then you will have to deal with the consequences.

Overcoming obesity won’t be easy, and it will take everyone – business, government, communities and families – working together.

This is a small step by a giant company…. but it is definitely in the right direction.