Every year I say I’m not going to slack on running in the winter and damn it (!) every year I do.

This year was especially hard not to get out of the running grove. After my marathon hopes petered out in November, I was left without a purpose. I honestly didn’t realize how much not achieving that goal would mess with my mind. Obviously, you can’t control a  hurricane and the resulting mayhem. But still, I felt lost and completely without direction.

Now I have to build up my endurance all over again.

My intention has always been to keep a base of 10 miles for the long run. (So not the case right now.) My thinking is that if you can run 10 fairly easily, you can ramp up easily to any mileage… even a marathon.

This morning I recommitted to the running game, even though I’m fairly unmotivated at that moment. (It is really cold out there, man and my pjs are comfy.)

I’m considering (heaven help me) the Mud Dog Run as my first adventure of 2013. I’ve never tried and obstacle course run and I’ve got A LOT of training to do.  (Because upper body strength and I have never met.)  I’m not really sure about the marathon, I’ve heard great things about the Steamtown Marathon in Pennsylvania so that is a distinct possibility. As an aside, I found out the other day that I have guaranteed entry into the 2014 New York Marathon… WOO HOO!

I guess I’d better get off this computer and lace up my sneakers.

We never know how far we can run...