Every had a morning? Well, obviously you have, but what I mean is one where you are in the zone? Where you take no prisoners and whip through your task list like a ninja?

Today was one of those for me. I was up until midnight the night before catching up on some client work and you would think that would serve up one of those zombie-like mornings where you can barely expend the effort to pour yourself coffee.

You would be wrong. Prior to 7:00am this morning I motored through the following list:

  • Cleaned the kitchen. (No small feat. I’m embarrassed to report that it was trashed from the evening before.) 
  • Made my husband breakfast.
  • Made my husband lunch.
  • Proofread an email.
  • Began the laundry.
  • Listened to a business podcast.
  • Read a news story … shared it online.
  • Texted my brother about said news story.
  • Got the kids up and in the shower. (This deserves a medal in and of itself.)
  • Made the kids breakfast. (A smoothie and egg sandwich. Because they can’t eat the same thing, right? That would be too easy.)
  • Made the kids lunch.
  • Assembled sports equipment and uniforms needed for that evening. (I would be working late.)
  • Edited a children’s story

And as I was congratulating myself on my tremendous accomplishments and near superhuman motherhood skills, it occurred to me that I just conquered precisely the same thing that every other working parent in America had.

Before I had kids I would lazily get ready in the morning, sipping coffee, pondering my outfit choices and catching some morning television before work. (One task at a time in a leisurely don’t-have-a-care-in-the-world fashion.)


I kinda long for those days, tell the truth. On second thought, I’m not sure I could, even if given the chance, revert back to that calm lifestyle. I’m too ‘all in’ when it comes to the multi-tasking thing. I need to be productive and accomplishing something as much as possible. (Even it that only means doing squats while folding the laundry. Heh….now you can’t get that image out of your mind, can you?)

Honestly, I don’t know a single other working mother/parent who doesn’t display the very same qualities. I don’t necessarily think it is a good thing, being on hyper-drive, but it is sometimes the only means for survival in the parenting/working world.

My mom tells me that one day I’ll get to sit back, relax and enjoy lazy days filled with nothing but time and I’m sure she is right. (She is a wise one, that mom of mine.) But secretly I think even she has her doubts about my potential for enjoying non-multitasking stretches of time.

We’ll see.

Until then I’ll be among the masses of superhuman parents up early checking off items on their to-do lists.