Since I began my blogging career, I’ve tried to steer clear of political discussions on my blog. I have opinions, of course, and care very deeply about many issues but I don’t address them here. Now, don’t take my lack of blogging material as an indication of my passion on political issues, it is merely due to the fact that I prefer to keep my opinions to myself most of the time. (You’re welcome.)

All that being said, I was genuinely excited (and surprised) to receive an invitation recently from the Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, for a meeting with mom and dad bloggers at the State House in Annapolis.

I accepted immediately, I mean, how often does an opportunity like that come along? The group consisted of 8 bloggers (five mothers and three fathers) Governor O’Malley, and a few of his staff members.

The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate a discussion between Governor and parents who have a voice in their community about key issues and priorities on this session’s legislative agenda.

A genuinely nice guy who had some fun parenting stories of his own to share.

During the meeting, Governor O’Malley spoke a bit about the goals of the remainder of his term and addressed the accomplishments of his administration to date.  I was really impressed with the state’s website, a great resource for citizens to keep up to date on the goals and progress being made on issues in real time. (Honestly, I had no idea this resource even existed.)


I look so serious here… and cranky. Apparently, I didn’t get enough coffee prior to our meeting.


Discussions during the meeting centered around education, childhood hunger, concerns and priorities of  parents in various counties across the state as well as the Governor’s Gun Violence Prevention Bill.


I have to say that although the Governor and I disagree on some fine points, I was truly impressed by his administration reaching out to facilitate discussions regarding issues Maryland parents are concerned about.

A side note – nice office, Gov!

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