I realize that in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been the worst blogger in the world. I’m here… I’m not here… I’m here again.

Sorry about that.

Life happens, right? Work has me hopping these days.

Of course, it hasn’t been ALL work.  This weekend did have a bit of fun weaved into it for the AAF-GF ADDY Awards. You may recall that this project was something I worked on last year. (This year’s involvement was on a much smaller scale. I even got a chance to relax and enjoy myself that evening. Shocking.)

The theme was that of a circus, which was so unique. Where else can you enjoy cocktails and brilliant colleagues along with a bevy of sword swallowers, uni-cyclists and other circus acts? (As an aside, I totally knew the clown. And his clown family, of course. Oh yeah, he and I go way back. Which essentially tells you that I’ve lived in this town wayyyyy too long or I have an alternative-ish lifestyle. Draw your own conclusion.) 


Anyway, here are a few photos from the fun night courtesy of Natural Artistry:

Of course it was an awards show so receiving one is always fun. I found myself lucky enough to be part of a two teams who were recognized for creative projects. (Yay!)

Sword swallowers and unicyclists aside, the picture below is my favorite from that night:

Why? Because my friend Tiffany is clearly one  happy gal. You can’t help but smile when you see her expression. Tiffany and I have been friends since middle school. (A billion years ago.) So the nod that evening was especially meaningful. It was so wonderful to work with her on that project. Of course, the fact that another friend of mine designed it, made it even more special.

Good times with good people!