Sometimes this whole blogging ‘thing’ I’ve got going on leads to unique opportunities. It has brought me to Atlanta for a conference with Coca-Cola, an ambassadorship with Nintendo and even a grand exhibit opening complete with bug cuisine. (Shudder) Sometimes, it even presents me with the opportunity to appear on television.

Honestly, this week’s appearance assignment seemed fairly straightforward. That is, until it was revealed that the segment would be live.


Not ‘live to tape’ as I had done so many times before.

Oh no.

Live, as in, the-pressure-is-on-you-had-better-not-screw-it-up-or-you-will-look-ridiculous-in-front-of-the-entire-population-of-Baltimore.

Yeah. THAT kind of live.

And because of my work schedule, I was unable to prepare as thoroughly as I would have liked. I had deadlines, a board meeting and new soccer schedules to attend to. Honestly, it wasn’t until the morning of the shoot that I was able to really review the segment notes.

Therefore, I was a stress ball. (Luckily my father was able to come with me to the studio so I had additional time in the car to work. Despite the fact that I am a grown woman, there is something about having my father around in these situations. He instantly calms me.)

Despite all of the challenges, I nailed it. Now, I’m not claiming to be Kelly Ripa or anything, but the fact that I didn’t trip and take down half of the set or forget the the segment information is a total win as far as I am concerned. (Thank you God!) 

What did we discuss? Common family annoyances.

Hiccups, dry mouth, eczema, crying babies. Most of us are forced to deal with common annoyances at some level some of the time, but rarely are we provided with solutions. Below are the products I discussed that offer safe, effective relief from some of a family’s most common annoyances:

  • Hiccups: Hicural Hiccup Relief
  • Crying, Fussy Baby: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water
  • Dry Mouth: Spry Rain Oral Mist Spray
  • Eczema: BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry Eczema Cream and Therapy Wash

Big thanks to the crew of FOX 45 who played along with me on and off camera. They were super to work with!