File this under random musings about things that make my head explode…

I read a news story today about how a Georgia school is hosting their first integrated prom this year.

Let me repeat that… their FIRST INTEGRATED PROM.

What the? Isn’t it 2013? Because last time I checked, I could have sworn my calendar was correct.

Prior to this year, the school has held separate dances and according to reports, “if any race other than Caucasian tries to attend the white prom, that student would be escorted off the premises by police.”

I’m completely flabbergasted. And my head is about to explode.

Race was something that has never been an issue in our house. We practice total acceptance. Skin color never even comes up in the conversation. It is not even a point of interest.

I’ll never forget the complete lack of understanding in my son’s eyes when he began studying the civil rights movement. He couldn’t even grasp the fact that there were¬†separate¬†bathrooms, let alone the fact that African Americans weren’t afforded the same opportunities as their white counterparts. He just kept muttering, “I don’t understand.”

That is precisely what I was muttering while reading the integrated prom story. I don’t understand. Why is this still happening? Why is the school behind the segregation? (For the record, their homecoming is also still segregated. If it weren’t for the students organizing it, the prom would still be too.)

What year is it again?