How happy are we that the weather is finally turning? I love this time of year. So full of promise!

In the spirit of “promise,”I’ve begun setting some race goals for the year. I’m toying around with others but for now I’m only registered for two…


The Color Run – July 14th (Philadelphia)

What started as a 5K being run with my niece Corrinne, quickly morphed into a full-on family affair with my sister and brother in-law, their three daughters, two boyfriends, and my own husband and children participating.

I don’t know how it worked out but suddenly we had an entire team of first time 5K runners. I am literally the only one who has run a race of any kind before. HOW EXCITING!

A taste of what we are in store for:

Really, is there anything better for a first time runner? Also, running a 5k with my boys is a truly thrilling prospect. Although they run in soccer, they’ve never trained for a race before. I’, more worried for me than for them. They are fast little stinkers.

Steamtown Marathon- October 13th (Scranton)

After a slightly disappointing marathon season last year (read Рnone) I decided to register fairly quickly for a 2013 marathon. The thought of not setting a goal devastates me

My marathon partner – the fabulous Katie B. – and I are heading to Pennsylvania this fall to run the Steamtown Marathon. So many of my runner friends have great things to say about this marathon and I’m exciting to give it a go. Plus, it is reputed to be a mostly downhill course. And that is no less than awesome.

In the meantime, I am tasked with ramping back up. I’ve been pretty steady with the eight mile long runs but my other training has been hit or miss. Actually, its been mostly miss.

So off we go!