A friend of mine has been posting a series online that she calls #RechargeME. She started this series after realizing she was “stuck” in her life. It is her journey into being unstuck.

Oh how I need that journey. Because I, my friends, am in the same boat.

Make no mistake – my life is blessed. I have a terrific job, a wonderful husband and two boys who amaze me every day. I have a house, transportation and pockets of fiercely devoted friends.

And yet lately I have been overcome by a tremendous fatigue in spirit.

Usually I can snap out of a funk fairly quickly but this time is different. This time it is deeper. I find myself getting annoyed quicker. I am negative in situations I could previously conquer with ease. My creative spark is in the toilet.

Undoubtedly, it is a result of not being able to recover and recharge. For the past few weeks I have found myself propelled from one task to the next, one event to the next and experiencing weekends that contain every activity in the world except mental and physical rest.

It is no wonder I am suffering from mental fatigue.

After confiding in a close friend, she suggested (no, DEMANDED) that I take some time to myself. I see her point, of course, but the demands of life (and children) don’t justĀ disappear.

That being said, I realize that something has got to give.

And it has to give NOW.

Which is why I plan to embark on my own personal “unstuck journey.” For the next month I will intentionally take time each day to nurture my own needs (from big to small)in an attempt to restore my spark.

Mind if I take you with me?

As part of this process, I plan to share the strategies and tips I learn along the way. We’ll travel this road… together.