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My interest in blogging began in 2008 when I answered an advertisement in my hometown newspaper. I’d always wanted a column of my own, and I figured a blog would be a nice audition for the “big” job.

I immediately fell in love with blog writing. That love grew to include the development of my own platform and opportunities to blog for local and regional publications. Soon, I had individuals coming to me, seeking advice and assistance for their blogging pursuits.

To say that blogging has become a passion would be an understatement.

I’m a true believer that blogging is a key component of an organization’s marketing strategy. A blog gives your company a voice and serves as the hub of your online marketing efforts. When executed correctly, blogging allows a brand’s personality to shine and feeds an organization’s social media efforts.
However, before embarking on any blogging program, you (the company) need to establish some clear outcomes.

Chances are you have one (or all) of these goals in mind:  {Read more}