Ain’t it funny when the universe has your back?

I’ve been flat out exhausted lately. I might be on top of my game at work but by the time I drag myself home, I’m fairly useless. And I’ve been okay with my nighttime uselessness until like, Tuesday, when the kids began coming home with a trillion end of year school projects.

I had forgotten about the annual torture fest.

Every single year SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME it has happened. And every single year it CATCHES ME BY SURPRISE.

I have absolutely no mental energy for it. My patience is shot. I’m just trying to keep the kids from failing. (It is my entire parenting strategy by the time May rolls around. Ask my husband. He’ll verify.)

Go ahead. Judge me.

I was in the midst of helping my 7th grader with his six page language arts “soundtrack project” this evening when I happened upon a post called “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.”

If you have school-aged children (or are thinking of procreating at some point in  your life) you have got to read that blog.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

See? The universe totally has my back.

This woman (Jen Hatmaker) is my soul-sister. I love everything about her and her frank take on the end of year chaos especially her quote “What fresh hell is this?”

I hear you, sister.