I don’t get the opportunity to travel much. Between my job responsibilities and that of the kids, it has simply not been an opportunity afforded to me.

For the past five days, however, I’ve been parked in Arizona at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore for the American Advertising Federation’s ADMERICA Conference.

What an experience it has been! I’ll write more about the conference in subsequent posts, I’m certain.

As I sit by the fountain drinking my morning coffee on this final day, I realize two things – the fact that I am physically exhausted but mentally inspired and the reality that reentry back into real life will be painful.

Like, prison in a third-world country, painful.

Oh, don’t misunderstand. I AM READY TO LEAVE. But by the time I get home this evening (around midnight) and resume my normal life responsibilities (like, five minutes later) I will probably be exhausted and needing another getaway. (Oh the irony!)

C’est la vie!

The adventure is always worth the inevitable crash at the end. 🙂