life rearranged

I’ve been wanting to join the InstaFriday fun for eons but, alas, time has always eluded me.

I personally enjoy stalking reading other’s recaps so it seems only natural that I participate myself. Of course, I picked one of my less exciting weeks to participate but I’ll try not to bore you as we go forward. (No guarantees, though. I don’t lead a particularly fabulous life…)



First, things first – meet Mia. My ten week old little ball of fur. She was barely in the house ten minutes when I turned into that crazy cat lady. WICKED CUTE, that one.

T25 is my newest obsession. Well, it will be come this Monday when we officially start. My husband got the program for his birthday and the two of us plan to go all Shawn-T-Badass with it. We tried the first workout which resulted in my NOT BEING ABLE TO MOVE MY QUADS for days. Our idea of marital bonding is totally warped.

On Monday evening, the magazine I work for (Frederick Gorilla Magazine) hosted a mayoral forum/round table for the Frederick community. It turned out to be a great event except for the fact that air conditioning was lacking. And by lacking I mean pretty much non-existent. So much for my professional appearance. Can you say “hot mess?”




Part of starting any new exercise program is the temptation to cheat, right? I managed to FAIL within the first day. YAY, ME! Totally okay because the fried chicken at Family Meal is completely worth the extra 3,000 miles I’ll have to run over the weekend. Plus I got to share the time with Lisa Frame, a blogger friend from North Carolina. Good people are worth good food, I always say. (Okay, I don’t always say that but it sounds kitchy and profound and we can just pretend I made it up from scratch.) 






I warned you already about my becoming a crazy cat lady, right? I spent Thursday night unstressing in front of the computer with wine, the kitten and Pinterest. And then I got really, really sleepy. (Oh damn. I am getting officially old.)