You know that whole marathon thing I’ve been talking about here and there?

It is really creeping up on me.

I’ve been running, of course, but never with an official plan. I  knew I needed to have one, but just never seemed to get around to mapping it.

It is all about the art of denial, y’all.

Of course, it is hard to deny the impending marathon when the organizers keep sending you race updates.

So Katie and put together a plan for the next few weeks to get ourselves on target for the Steamtown Marathon on October 13th. (Which, in marathon training time, is pretty much tomorrow.

Training Schedule

July 27 – 11 miles

August 3 – 13 miles

August 10 – 15 miles

August 17 – 17 miles

August 31 – 18 miles

September 7 – 20 miles

September 16 – 16 miles

September 21 – 8 miles

September 28 – 20 miles

October 5 – 5 miles

These are our long run goals, of course. We are independently responsible for our workouts during the week. I’ve decided to run at least two other days during the week and mix it in with the new T25 program. (Wish me luck on that one.) 

The marathon itself is hilly (albeit mostly downhill) so we will soon incorporate hills into our training. (Oh joy.) Our regular routes do contain some hills but for extra “fun” we’ll plan in some parking deck inclines and hilly routes.



I get a lot of questions about what I eat prior to long runs (10+ miles) so I thought I would document it for others who may be interested.

Night before:

Almond milk with chia seeds


Coffee (Yep, gotta get a small java fix.)
Wheat mini-bagel with peanut butter


GU Energy Gel


Chocolate milk OR Rockin’ Refuel (chocolate milk flavor)

What I’m not looking forward to – next week’s 15 miles while on a camping trip. I have no idea where we are going (true), if there will be showers (eww) or if I’ll even sleep at night (bugs, critters and snakes… oh my). Might need to attempt a long run on Sunday afternoon. Here’s hoping it won’t be 100 degrees…