coffeeTHIS is my new friend. My EXPENSIVE new friend. Courtesy of my husband, Michael.

Now before you go all “Awwwww, what a great guy!” on me, know that he had an ulterior motive – TO SAVE HIS STUFF.

It is true.

You see, the new coffee maker has been put in place by management (read: my husband) in order to ensure that I do not burn the house down.

Because I will.

Matter of time, people. Matter of time.

Last year our coffee maker died during a time when our discretionary income was low. Like, Ramen noodles for dinner low.

Of course, anyone with children in their home understands that coffee is a basic staple of life and therefore purchasing a new machine is totally justified. That being said, purchasing a new machine over, say,  $15 isn’t.

Our “temporary” coffee machine was ugly but worked just fine. Only it didn’t have one thing – automatic shutoff. 

See where this is going?

I’ve almost burnt the house down every day since purchasing it. I COULD NOT SEEM TO REMEMBER TO TURN IT OFF. Honestly, it was ridiculous.

We’ve lived in constant fear of leaving for a weekend and coming back to a pile of ash for months. My neighbors have checked the house a million times for us.

They love living nearby. Obviously.

Enter the shiny new (red!) Kitchen Aide coffee maker with AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF.

Holy Hannah! Our stuff is saved!

I feel like we have a new lease on life.

(Not to mention the fact that this sucker is way cool to look at and makes FOURTEEN CUPS OF COFFEE. <—- squee!)