The Steamtown Marathon is tomorrow. We leave this morning at 11am. I’m suddenly not feeling ready.

I’ve been so busy with work and kids,that I’ve not done a thing. Had a work function until late in the evening on Thursday. Spend an inordinate amount of time this week packing the kiddos for a soccer tournament that was (of course) cancelled at the last minute.

Had a rare girls night out last night. Ate way too much and ended up crashing immediately after my return.

It is 6:00am and the whole house is still asleep. It occurs to me that I’ve FORGOTTEN TO DO ANYTHING ON MY OWN BEHALF.

I have no idea where my sports bra is at the moment. No idea where my pants are. These items are kinda important. 

Let me invite you into my current stream of consciousness….

Do I have enough GU?  Where is my Body Glide? I’m going to need pain killers. Should I have bought a new shirt? What if it rains? WHY DID I EAT SO MANY OREOS FOR LUNCH YESTERDAY?

I drank wine at dinner last night. Was that bad? I’ll bet it was. Dammit.

I hope it doesn’t rain on Sunday. Crap. What if it rains?

How come I pack everyone’s bags when they go away and no one offers to pack mine? I really need a personal assistant. 


I should have run more this week. I don’t even know what time the marathon starts tomorrow. GAH.

I don’t even know where we are staying. Glad Katie is in charge. Maybe I should go to the grocery store and buy food for the trip. Why is my throat suddenly sore? GREAT. I’M PROBABLY GETTING SICK.

I can’t believe I’m doing laundry at 6:00am. Slacker!

I’d hope I remember to bring some ibuprofen. 

Nuerotic, much? Welcome to my ‘day before the marathon’ world.

In all seriousness, Steamtown will be my 5th marathon. Sometimes I worry that I am a little to “used to” marathon training and that because I’m not hyper jittery about it anymore, I will crash and burn. Last year I was supposed to run the New York Marathon and got all the way up to marathon week before cancelling my trip.

So no race.

My last marathon was the Baltimore Marathon in 2011 with Katie and Lori. It seems like a million years ago. Another reason why I am jittery about tomorrow’s marathon.


I need to stop worrying about it and get out of my own head.

It is in times like these when I dig deep and pull out the immortal words of my ever supportive running partner  – “You are fine. Don’t be a baby.”


Well, here goes nothing! If you want to follow along, check my Instagram feed. I’ll do my best to update it throughout the adventure.