“Write as if you were speaking and just start from there, instead of writing how you think other people want you to. It takes a lot of courage and tenacity to just be yourself and work on honing that.”  – Christene Barberich, founder of Refinery29.

Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours writing posts for this blog. Most of the pieces that I write never see the light of day. The ones that end up on the blog are usually the result of a fervent, exasperated, and a slightly desperate need to hit the publish button.

More than anything, I want to write.

But I’m never satisfied. Ever.

I write the content, quickly deem it low quality or vapid and delete it.

I’m so stuck in my own head. (Not a pretty place to be these days.) As a result of my endless cycle of write-judge-delete I’ve developed a mean case of writer’s block.

I hesitate to put my unfiltered thoughts “out there” lest I make myself too vulnerable. Of course, it is the vulnerable posts, the ones that allow you to be your true self, that end up touching people the most.

Being myself (at least in written form) is an ongoing challenge.

Can you relate?