Obstacle course runs have always intimidated me. Despite the cajoling from past participants that “it’s a piece of cake” and “so much fun!” I never really imagined that I would take part in one.

I think of the participants in these things as the CrossFit elite and the P90X folks. (Definitely not ME.)

For the record, I have absolutely no upper body or core strength. Therefore, I never believed I could complete an obstacle course race without getting stuck or having to bypass the challenges.

So I safely managed to avoid them when they came to town.

Of course that all changed when my work became a sponsor of the Mud Dog races. I knew it was a matter of time before I would have to face my insecurities and just do it.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

The Mud Dog Zombie Run. That’s right. I couldn’t just participate in a regular obstacle course run. OH NO. It had to be one where damn zombies chase you around the course trying to make you one of them.


This course had 20 obstacles ranging from mud pits, cargo nets, climbing walls and other little dittys that had me running through, under and over all sorts of interesting contraptions.

Grossest part? Diving underwater in the mud pit. So. Disgusting. And yet, kinda fabulous at the same time.

My personal goal was to tackle every obstacle and finish “alive.” (Hey, I’m not playing around. If I’m gonna do this thing, I’m doing it right.)

And yes, I crossed that finish line (meaning: jumped over that fire pit) ALIVE. HOLLA!


Mud Dog Zombie Gorilla Collage

It really was a blast. I can’t believe I avoided it for so long. And yes, I absolutely plan to do it again.

Know of any coming to the DC Metro area?