In the past two years I’ve had quite a few opportunities to travel to places like Texas, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona. These destinations have been an equal mixture of business-family-running events. Because the purpose of each visit varies so much I find myself rating each experience according to a different set of expectations. (I’m nothing if not inconsistent.) 

If I’m in town for a family getaway or sports tournament – the hotel needs to casual enough to please two teenage boys. If I am staying over for a running event – all I care about are comfy beds, early morning coffee and available ice for the knees. If it is business – I want excellent food, a great fitness center and a classy vibe.

I’ve talked from time to time about my experiences on this blog, but I’ve been getting some regular questions lately about the hotels on my travels so I decided to start documenting the experience when I get the time.


Hotel Monaco Washington DC

My husband and I chose to stay at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C. for our anniversary upon recommendation from a friend. We wanted something unique, fun and yes, kinda sexy for our once-in-a-blue-moon getaway. I’ve gotta say, this hotel did not disappoint. (Marble floors, vaulted ceilings, striking decor, etc.) 

I should pause here and say that in the past few years, I’ve become quite the history buff, a fact that really played into my enjoyment of this hotel. It is located only two blocks from Ford’s Theatre, four from the National Mall and was once D.C.’s General Post Office. (Built in 1839 by Robert Milles, the same architect to design the Washington Monument.) Need more nerdy history facts? Samuel Morse broadcast his first telegram from the hotel where it is even rumored that John Wilkes Booth fled the scene of Lincoln’s assassination through the property. (Cool, no?)

We stayed in a Mediterranean Hotel Suite, with a separate bedroom, pull out queen sofa, two flat screen TVs and a whirlpool spa tub and glass stall shower. Our room had a windows overlooking the city streets below and was simply perfect for the occasion. Although I didn’t utilize the fitness center, it was very nice.

My only complaint is that our room, which was located on the corner next to the ballroom, constantly had chairs stacked around it. (Most certainly waiting to be assembled in the ballroom for the next day’s wedding.) Not to be picky but it was annoying and kind of ruined the vibe for me. (I’m being a jerk, I know. Pesky weddings.) 


Hotel Rouge Washington DC

This Kimpton hotel is in DuPont circle. It is within walking distance to the metro, as well as the White House and numerous bars and restaurants. I was in town on business during my stay at Hotel Rouge which made it that much better. How could one NOT be inspired by the uber-hip decor and modern stylings? (Boutique hotels rock.)

One thing I love about Kimptons is the comfortable beds and complimentary wine hour every night. (This girl loves her some sleep. And wine. Especially after a long day of conferences.) 

Aside from the decor, the hotel also features a cozy bar (Wine on tap! Did I mention that I love wine?) near the lobby and a 24 hour fitness center. (Very small fitness center. Very, very small. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a center. I would call it a closet.) Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kimpton experience without the animal print bathrobes, yoga mats and fun extras. (Wax candy lips in the mini-bar, Y’all.)
Kimptons are such a great break from the everyday hotel stay. Honestly, I’m hoping to get a chance to go back and try some of their other spaces in the area as well. Maybe this time with girlfriends?