Let me introduce you to someone special.

Via Portraits in the SandMeet my Uncle Michael aka Niklaus Klaus.

Imagine my amusement the day I found out that my uncle and his adventures were being documented and turned into an online Advent calendar by Vienna. (Yes, THAT Vienna.) 

Now, I will admit to being confused at first as to the context for this campaign. I haven’t seen my uncle for a few years as he has been out of the country. I had absolutely no knowledge of this campaign so when I clicked on the link, I was a bit shocked.

But as each day has unfolded, I’ve found myself charmed by the videos and stories that he recounts. Listening to my uncle talk has evoked a lot of family memories. He is a fun spirit and a great uncle who has given me and my family many lovely and hilarious memories.

I encourage you to visit the site this holiday season and follow along with the advent calendar. You could win some great prizes and perhaps even a trip for two to Vienna.

Website: http://santain.wien.info/en/home/

Hashtag: #travellingsanta

FYI – Beach photo courtesy of David Koster with Portraits in the Sand. (David is my cousin and a tremendous photographer. Admittedly, I am biased.)