Between work obligations, children’s activities, homework, housework and other commitments, time just flies by, doesn’t it?

I don’ know about you, but I have personally come to accept that my life will forever be a juggling act. There will be days when that juggle will be effortless and days (many, many days)where it will take every fiber in my being just to keep each ball in the air.

What I find in talking with other woman in my situation, (working gals with children still at home) is that we don’t allow ourselves time to reflect, enjoy or savor our life moments.

We just keep moving forward. Always forward.

And while many would proclaim that forward movement is important and necessary, I would argue that we need to also PAUSE and reflect before jettisoning ourselves back into the orbit of accomplishment.

My personal pause moment is a weekly bubble bath ritual. Every Sunday, without fail, I take a long bubble bath and mentally reflect on the last seven days. (The good, bad and ugly.) This ritual started purely by accident after cleaning one day. I looked over at the mammoth tub I had just scrubbed and thought, “Why the hell don’t I use that thing?” (I’m super-profound. Obviously.)

And thus, a ritual was born. Now I use that time to reflect and find clarity. That moment of pause is key in helping one wrap up the past week and get mentally ready for what lies ahead.

bubble bath via D. Sharon Pruitt

How to take advantage of the power of the pause:

Grab a notebook (and a glass of wine) and free yourself from distractions. Use this time as a breather to reflect on the previous week before diving into the next one.

Review your work week: Did your editor compliment your idea? Did you sell a  product? Was the client pleased with a milestone? What did you accomplish? What do you need to carry over to the next week? What could you have done better?

Assess your home life: Were obligations met? Did things run smoothly? What is overall tone in the household? Can it be improved upon? Reflect on your most enjoyable family moments together.

Savor the good stuff: Acknowledge what you did well and give yourself some credit. (So many working parents don’t do this!) Take in your accomplishments and remind yourself of your personal worth and that the time was well spent.

Make your moments count, instead of allowing the days to fly by.

Take advantage of the Power of the Pause.  IT IS WORTH IT.

Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt