I revel in the new year. I love reflecting on the months that have past and setting goals for the future. Who doesn’t, really? 

2013 was a year of closure and new beginnings in my professional life. I officially began an new chapter as marketing director of Graphcom and executive editor of Frederick Gorilla Magazine. Personally speaking, the job transition allowed much more stability for my family and brought a whole slew of new colleagues and friends into my life. It is a true blessing. (Not to mention a ton of fun!) 

This year I am forgoing the resolution making of year’s past. The things I hope to achieve in 2014 are simpler and more personal. I’m sharing them with you for accountability sake and to perhaps inspire others to set their own goals. (What are you waiting for?!)

Goal number 1: Get out of my comfort zone

This is a big one for me. I want to spend this year reveling in experiences that would have previously terrified me. (I’ve already had someone call me out and challenge me to karaoke. Oh boy. Talk about jumping off of the deep end!) 


Goal number 2: Train and transform

Since adding a commute to my schedule, I’ve let my physical self slack. (So hard to get up at 4:30 in the morning.) I’m weak and tired. (Boo!) Even though I am registered for my 6th marathon this fall, my big goal has more to do with my overall health and well being.


Goal number 3: Friends, family and colleagues

People and relationships are my biggest priority this year. I vow not to let my schedule get in the way of my relationships ever again. (Cross my heart!) I want to celebrate the amazing people in my life and savor the moments we share together.


Goal number 4: Write, write, write (blog, blog, blog)

I miss writing. Between my previous case of writer’s block and my job and family commitments, I’m finding that I rarely write for pleasure anymore. I miss it terribly.


Goal number 5: Learn how to take a decent picture

This, you will notice, is the one goal I am being very specific about. I’m a huge fan girl of good photography. By year’s end I want to be able to take a really good photograph. (With a little help from my photographer brother , Lynda.com classes and a hell of a lot of practice.)

So there you have it. My big goals for the year. Let’s do this thing.

What’s your top priority for 2014?