Dammit New York, why are you so expensive?!

Got a reminder email from the New York Marathon that I was guaranteed entry into this year’s marathon. Squee, right? Not really.

I honestly was over-the-moon excited about it UNTIL I went to complete my registration.


$266 for registration alone.

Mentally I started adding up the costs for the trip – parking, train, hotel, food, cab fare, etc. That is when I realized that I’m looking at spending the equivalent of a Caribbean vacation to go to a crowded city and exhaust myself from hours of pounding the pavement. For that price, I’d rather be exhausted from sampling too many frozen drinks at a poolside bar in St. Thomas.

I’m getting to the point in my life where an exotic vacation slightly outweighs months of torture. Blasphemous, I know.

So Katie and I are reevaluating our fall marathon choice. So far Allentown, Harrisburg, and Richmond seem to be the front runners. I’d love to do Marine Corps again but I hate the lottery system. (I’m not lucky, by nature.) And, although close, I am sooooo not a fan of the Baltimore Marathon course.

Of course, my ultimate goal has always been to run Disney. (Sigh) 

At this point it is up in the air where we will end up this fall. Truthfully, all I need is a driveable distance, good course, nice restaurant, decent hotel (with early morning coffee) and Katie B.

I’ll keep you posted!