I love social media, don’t you?

I’m being a bit of a smart-ass right now because honestly, it is equal parts everything good and ridiculous.


I met a lovely lady last week at a business function. We both were familiar with each via social media and had formed an entirely wrong impression of each other based on things we’d seen online. It was hilarious.

It is not surprising, honestly. Your life as interpreted online is never accurate. You can’t judge your own life, let alone someone else’s by what they reveal through blogs or social media.

I found an article the other day on this very thing:

“We have some inflated sense of jealousy about each other’s lives these days because we sit at home looking at a feed that tells us that we are missing out on EVERYTHING and that Brian has BILLIONS of dollars because he is on VACATION AGAIN and SARAH IS THE HAPPIEST F@CKING PERSON ON THE PLANET BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS AT BRUNCH.”

I laughed out loud.

Kinda true, isn’t it?


It reminds me of a friend of mine. She and I are both marketing professionals, both bloggers and both full-time working mothers. She is always up to something. If you watch her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed, you can’t help but feel like she is THE MOST AMAZING WOMAN EVER.

She seems to excel at all of the things I don’t and she makes it look oh so easy.

It’s not true of course. (The oh so easy part, anyway.) She and I joke about it all the time. (In between bouts of me texting her to STOP BEING AWESOME.) The reality is that we both have 24 hours a day and struggle equally with trying to get it all done. We’re in the same boat, paddling as quickly as possible.

That is why social media can be ridiculous. You can’t put much stock in what you see. It is never the complete story. Only a snippet of what someone shares with the world while creating THE MOST AMAZING SOUFFLE EVER.


That doesn’t mean I don’t love it anyway. I just try to keep a healthy perspective.