I discovered an interesting concept the other day that truly spoke to me. In an interview with the New York TimesBob Pittman, chairman and chief executive of Clear Channel Communications, discussed the concept of weeding the garden as it relates to business.

He said, “One thing I preach is, “Weed the garden.” If I try 10 new things and, just for example, let’s say two are clear winners and two are clear losers. That means I’ve got six in between. What do I do with those? Most organizations let everything live except the clear losers. And what happens over time is that stuff in between doesn’t really help you. It takes up a lot of resources. It’s confusing. It’s muddy.

Get it?

Those six seemingly insignificant things represent the things in our lives that keep us from our passions. They fill up our days, sap our energy, use up our resources and keeping us from flourishing.

This applies not just to business, of course. It is also profoundly important to weed the garden in your personal life as well.

We don’t notice those six things because they aren’t exactly a giant sinkhole in the middle of our world. They are just little weeds. 

Funny thing about weeds, though. When you look at them from far away, you don’t necessarily recognize them for what they are. Sometimes they even look like part of the landscape. That is, until you get closer and see that they are taking over the space and killing the true beauty.

I ask you –  do you have a love? An aspiration? Something you long to do if only you “had the time?”

I know I do.

I also know that I am too busy lovingly tending to the weeds in my garden that I never get time to cultivate the roses. Or in my case – the hydrangeas. (My absolute favorite.) weed the garden

I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about some of the projects I’ve been working on, both professionally and personally and I’ve been making lists of those items that are distracting me from my passions.

I believe it is time to reallocate some of that energy.

What are some of your “six things/weeds in the garden?”