Ever wonder why this blog focuses so much on being a working parent yet devotes so little screen time to the actual children I have birthed?

It is because I am being bullied.

It is the truth. I am being bullied by the teenagers in my own home.

You see, I’ve reached a critical juncture in my motherhood. Gone are the days where the boys were excited about seeing their photos on the Internet.

Now I need to get approval. My every word scrutinized. My every photo requires prior consent.

It is a nightmare.

To be fair, I knew this day would come. I have friends in the blogosphere who warned me of this very thing.

Still… it exasperates me.Because. you know what? THEY ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they are.

They run my life.

Their father is no better. He is a bit shy about this whole Internet thing so he would rather me not mention him as well. Basically I’ve become a woman on the Internet who claims she is married with children but can provide no visual proof of their existence.

Well, I’m about to go rogue, Y’all.

In an act of strength and defiance I present to you proof that my children actually exist and that they are the annoyingly (yet adorable) teenagers I claim them to be.



The kiddos


BAM! #momalwayswins #untilshedoesnt